Our Mission

It is our mission to worship God and help make God’s realm visible in the lives of people, individually and collectively, especially as it is set forth in the life, teachings, death, and living presence of Jesus Christ. We do this by:

Inviting: Actively inviting others into our faith community, providing a safe welcome for a diverse people.

Transforming: Creating an open and affirming faith community with opportunities for caring and fellowship that deepen relationships and promote a spirit of unity. Encouraging the spiritual growth of our members and engaging their ministry by nurturing their relationship with God, calling forth their gifts, and equipping them for Christian service.

Sending: Joining others within broader communities to promote the integrity of creation and a more just, inclusive and peaceful world.

Our Faith

Plymouth is a progressive Christian church founded in Fort Collins in 1903 and part of the United Church of Christ, a denomination formed by different traditions coming together in 1957.

We see creeds as historic testimonies of faith, rather than tests of faith. We engage our minds and critical thinking as a part of our faith, and we take theology very seriously and sometimes respectfully disagree with one another. Most of us employ a non-literal reading of the Bible and value it deeply as the central stories of our faith.

Our Congregational heritage emphasizes our freedom to interpret the Bible as individuals under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as well as autonomy as a congregation, bound by covenant with others.

We think that God is still speaking and has more to say to us today as we live out our faith.

Where did Plymouth come from? What is the history of a place like this? 

Some of us are history people and feel connected and grounded when we know where a place came from. At Plymouth, we have a member who acts as historian, and we have members who are keepers of our rich history. 

Plymouth is an historic church for modern times. We were founded in 1903 by German-Russian immigrants who worked the local sugar beet industry in the Andersonville neighborhood on the edge of town. Our mission to bring God's welcome to those living on the fringes comes out of that history and continues today in new and creative ways. 

Click here to go to a Youtube video about our history made in 2012.