Christian Formation at Plymouth

Rooted in the progressive Christian tradition of the United Church of Christ, the Christian Formation Board and its ministries teach, challenge, and equip Plymouth's worshiping community to develop a lifelong transforming relationship with God that inspires action toward peace and justice for all of creation. 

We offer Sunday morning education for all ages at 10 a.m.:

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We offer study groups every week you can choose between two ongoing classes. These classes generally run six to eight weeks, which provides an opportunity to deeply explore a topic with a group of fellow-inquirers. Generally, one of the classes is broadly "spiritual" in nature –dealing with theology, Bible, prayer, or the spiritual life. The other class is broadly "social" –looking at issues of society, economics, environment, or politics in the light of faith. 

Forums The weekly Forum provides an opportunity to hear a speaker address current issues. Often these speakers are from outside the church and let us know about community organizations people might want to work with, bring us a particular point of view on a current issue, or are part of a candidate forum ahead of an election. Speakers from within the congregation share their professional expertise, with an eye towards how their faith and church setting shapes the discussion. There is always time for questions and answers, and we encourage people to follow up on topics that engage them. 

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Additionally, we bring in an outside Visiting Scholar on an annual basis. During this weekend, usually in the fall, we bring in a major scholar for a weekend of lectures and workshops. Previous years' visiting scholars include Marcus Borg, Dom Crosson, Andrea White, and John Bell from Iona. 

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality and Spirituality

General Information Our OWL program provides values-based sex education for a variety of ages. At Plymouth, we believe that our bodies are a good gift from God and that the more information and discussion we have about sexuality and faith, the better equipped we are to make healthy and loving decisions. We offer OWL classes for a variety of ages: K-1st grade, 4-5 grade, 7-9 grade, and adults. If you would like more information about the OWL philosophy and program, please click here.