More than Me: Giving, Offering, and Contributing

Welcome to the page for Plymouth's Stewardship Campaign! We are working on an online giving page (coming VERY soon)! 

Want to learn more about giving to Plymouth? Click here to download a copy of our 2017 Stewardship Campaign!

Grateful Giving and Living: A Journey of Generosity

Our Beliefs about pledging

Pledging empowers identity. 
A pledge says, “I am a part of something larger than me. I stand in solidarity with a family of believers, in pursuit of the same vision. In signing the card, we are saying, “We believe in what we are doing as a church and in who we are becoming together in Christ.” A pledge card says “Yes. We’re in!”

Pledging empowers community. We exist as a dynamic community of strength and grace, to help individuals continually live into and up to their fullest identity and potential in Christ. Through your commitment, Plymouth accompanies you in the journey and encourages you in the pursuit of your own generosity aspirations.

Pledging empowers ministry and mission. A healthy church budget is a ministry funding plan formed through prayer, discernment and dialogue. Your pledge helps our leadership team responsibly discern the viability of funding our ministry and mission initiatives. 

Helpful Questions: 

1. How much should I give? (Plymouth's graduated giving chart)

2. What does it take to run Plymouth? Who pays for it? (Narrative Budget)